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Annabel Textiles, located in Mariakerke (Gent, Belgium, Europe) started weaving fabrics for upholstery and curtains used by the industry, distributors and retail since 1974. 

Annabel Textiles offers creative, high-quality fabrics.

Jacquard fabrics and high density velvets hold no secrets for us…

We have our own design department where most diverse variety of designs and color combinations can be simulated and designed for the high end market. We assist the customer in the development of exclusive designs and colors in flat weave jacquard fabrics as well as plain and jacquard velvets. We are known for a quick response on special requests from customers and demands from the market. All our products have to sustain severe and hard tests in our production laboratory. All standards (ISO, EN, BS,NFPA.…) regarding quality and fire-resistance are strictly controlled and certified.

Over 80% of Annabel's production is exported. You can find the Annabel - products in more than 60 countries.

Therefore Annabel Textiles is one of the leading companies in Belgium and even Europe in this specific domain.

Annabel has a production facility of 28.000m².